Thursday, 28 August 2008


I am working on a soundtrack for a commercial presentation video, the graphics have been produced by Un.titled for a company called Sheridan&Co. Hopefully post the completed video sometime next week. MIxed in with some street noise in the early scenes is Dirty Youth. The rest of the music has William Orbit type of feel.


Wednesday, 27 August 2008


We are planning the marketing activity for the next album and we have been keen to see where the little money we spent on promoting 53 D N has worked. We contacted some recent purchasers of our album to see how they found our about us. I was pleasantly surprised to have been recommended to someone by Midge Ure. I can only guess Midge was checking out who else was playing at Retrofest and downloaded the free MP3s from our site, the person who kindly responded said he had been given a couple of our MP3s by Mr Ure O.B.E. Thanks Midge!

Monday, 25 August 2008


We have played at some strange evenings before but Sunday has to be the most mis-matched one so far. Phenol were on first, a band we had played with before and I have also done a remix for them. They can boast about having worked with the legendary Martin Rushent and also have some great stories surrounding that experience. The next two bands were very much from the darker side of the synth world, Global Citizen and Non Indigenous.

I think we have been a little spoilt with our last few gigs having pretty much a captive audience. Hopefully Retrofest will bring us a more sympathetic audience, really looking forward to playing and seeing some of my 80's favs. Lets hope the weather holds out.

So to the album... Well we have let let slip our end of August deadline and now we have taken the attitude of lets just get it right rather than rush it. Sarah has the last track and we should be recording this in the next two weeks, it's then down to me to finishing mixing the tracks. We are still planing to release the album in 2008 and hopefully arrange a launch party with a live performance.

More updates coming soon.


Friday, 15 August 2008


We are now headlining the Club Noir warm-up show at The Purple Turtle on bank holiday Sunday 24th August. Gary Numan will be DJ'ing.

Sunday, 10 August 2008


Firstly - compliments to the chef for last night's Thai banquet (you know who you are!)  khob-kun-Ka :)
We recorded some STONKING music yesterday, and also filmed ourselves in action Wehey!  Keep your eyes on this blog for video footage, coming soon.
The second half of 'Tranquil Eyes' is in the bag, and 'Automatic' is also coming along very nicely.  Yes, Mel & Kim eat yer heart out.
I'm now writing another new track, called 'Pleasurely That Machine' which is about half done.  I think this might be the last sprint to the finishing line...but saying that, I'm so chuffed with what we're producing at the moment, I kind of don't want it to end!!
Sarah X
 p.s. News about our warm-up for Gary Newman this coming bank hol weekend, will be posted shortly.

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