Sunday, 16 September 2007

Next Release is project X

To wrap up 2007 we have decided to release a digital only EP this coming November. The EP will contain two new tracks plus remixes from our debut album 53 Degrees North.

We will sell this release on iTunes and also via our soon to be launched digital download store. This will have the songs available as DRM free high quality MP3 files.

The EP will have a slight festive feel to it as one of the songs will be our take on the Christmas single. There doesn't seem to be many Christmas specific singles released anymore, probably because the single format is dead and buried, but anyway we love Christmas and I have always wanted to write something Christmassy.

The other new track will be something more in tune with what we are planning for our second album... as Sarah has hinted at already this will be a little darker and more futuristic. We are hoping to spend the winter writing new songs and will pencil in a release for sometime in Spring 2008.

More on the EP soon.


Thursday, 6 September 2007

Move over Sheena (Sarah)

A close friend of mine said something recently, that I want to share with you:

"Everyone should see Prince in concert at least once in their lives".

I was lucky enough to see the wee-man at the 02 arena last week, and I've gotta say that he completely bowled me over.
I always liked his music - but now i am a FAN.

I'm telling you, it was more a spiritual experience than an evening of entertainment! He made me laugh, he made me cry - he completely inspired me.

How can someone so small effect people on mass like that?? The 02 arena is massive, it's like a futuristic amphi-theatre. We were seated very high up, so standing up to dance was not for the feint-hearted. But I swear, when he played 'You've got the look' I pushed aside the vertigo and boogied my ass off!!!! It would have been physically impossible not to dance - a bit like sneezing with your eyes open.

So if you ever get the opportunity, please see PRN in concert. He's small, he's purple and he'll blow you away.

Saturday, 1 September 2007

Our first album was mainly written on a laptop in various parts of my house, we recorded the vocals in my spare room and in Sarahs living room, now though we have some dedicated space. Rock on!

View from the hotel in Stein.

Stuttgart Airport

The obiligatory shot from the plane.

Like I said it was a flying visit to Germany.