Friday, 19 December 2008


Well, what can I say?  A year of steady, consistent steps forward and probably the first year I've ever felt like a grown-up ;-)  It's been INTENSELY creative.  I have missed people, and I have found people.  Oooooh...the nostalgia of Christmas (tears and tinsel).
I don't think even I realised how creative I was, until 2008! 
Here are some of my highlights, in no particular order:
Being cooked for, alot
My new pad 
Horses noses
Mama Mia!
Going MAD with Andy Gilbert on my birthday
Performing at the EY bash
Seeing aliens
San Diego
Singing with Tara again
The kebab place on the way home
Rain, Las Vegas
The service station on the way home (!)
Our dinner party, cooking for six
The Curve
...and there's still a bit of the year left, yeah!!
I will look into my crystal ball and make some predictions for 2009.
night x

Monday, 15 December 2008


We have been struggling with one of the songs for the album, "Where to from here" was one of the first tracks we recorded earlier in the year. I now have around 5 different versions of this none of which I'm completely happy with, if you remember listening to the Podcast we did earlier in the year we previewed this song.

The original vocal was good but I felt the whole track lacked energy, normally I would re-write the track around the recorded vocal however I really like the original backing idea that I wrote. So this was shelved for a while. Sarah thought that coming back to it would perhaps give us some new direction but alas we still feel it lacks something. So after a few hours on Saturday of not really progressing with this song we decided stop and do something else.

Sarah had a melody for another song in her head so we decided to have a go at that instead. This is not normally the way we work but I gave Sarah a click track and she quickly sang a few lines, she also had an idea for a keyboard melody that she played for me. Within a few minutes we had the basic structure for one of the strongest tracks for the album. It's working title is "Who are you". I thought after the ditched session for "Where to from here" I would have been a bit fed-up but the new track has made me positively chipper.

I went to see Stereophonics on Saturday, not really my cup of tea but the tickets were a present for my wife. It did make me think that I do have to see more live bands next year. I suppose DM at the O2 is a good start.


Thursday, 11 December 2008


We really are recording the very last lot of vocals at the weekend, so fingers crossed if I'm not too drunk over the Christmas period the album will be finished by New Years eve.


Monday, 1 December 2008


As a pre Christmas treat you can download Tears & Tinsel from our website, click here to download the album version here.