Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Will be me.

Well vocoded vocals and for just one track. This album has seen us swap roles with Sarah writing synth lines and me adding my voice. On the recorded album it's just on some of the parts of POP, but live I will be doing the vocoded parts on Tranquil Eyes. On first listen Sarah didn't actually notice it wasn't her voice so that's a start. Just need to learn the words now!

Our first live outing of 2009 is this Friday 03/04/09 @ a night called MOTION at SEVEN in Nottingham. We are also planning a special album launch night sometime in June, just waiting on venue confirmation. Hopefully we will be doing lots more dates.

The plant contacted me regarding WIRED: CD Production, unfortunately the designer created the sleeve in such a way the fold doesn't allow it to be machine fed, therefore these will have to be hand finished! Fortunately we were going to sign the first few hundred so that would have meant removing them from the sleeves in the first place. Hopefully this doesn't cause a delay and we are still on for delivery on the 6th. Fingers crossed.


Monday, 23 March 2009


OK, the main website is updated with previews of the new tracks. Some people have asked for the whole tracks to be uploaded, problem is even though the site is in Flash it is relatively easy to find the URL to the full file and therefore download them. We had this happen with the last album so sorry just previews :-)

Also updated this blogs look and feel, although I'm not entirely happy with the colour. The main album artwork uses a special Pantone florescent colour which is really difficult to represent on screen. I have held the pantone chip up to the screen and this is the closest colour but it really doesn't do it justice.

We will be starting our first video very soon and will also be having some new photo's done at the same time.

That's it for now.


Sunday, 22 March 2009


Our new online store is now online, you can pre-order WIRED: available to ship on 06/04/09.

We hope to be adding more merchandise soon but for now you can buy our albums and new T-Shirt.

Click HERE to visit the store

Monday, 16 March 2009


Our first live outing for WIRED: will be at MOTION a new electronic night in Nottingham on the 3rd of April at a venue called SEVEN, Canning Circus.

Friday, 13 March 2009

WIRED: news and dates

We have the mastered album back from Simon Heyworth @ SAM he has done a great job and we are really happy with how it sounds.

Had some amazing feedback even from just a select few that have heard the album including this comment "one of the most important electronic albums" which just blew me a way, and no that wasn't my mum who said that :-), more soon on that particular person. Simon himself was really complimentary and had this to say "I'll tell you what's good about this record. Whilst it seems on the face of it to be harking back to a particular time and style, the songs are original and really well executed and, for me anyway, the album stands up on it's own." Regardless of what anyone else thinks about this new album those two comments bring a complete sense of satisfaction to me.

All being well we will have the physical album copies ready to ship on the 6th April, with the iTunes release following on the 20th April. Very soon we'll have our first NK T-Shirts, these will be available for £17 + P&P. Design below.

Final tracks in order are: