Saturday, 26 January 2008

Love Action

Two posts in one night...

In December we played at a private party in Sheffield to celebrate the launch of 'Wigs & Warpaint' a hair salon / clothes boutique, anyway Rob from EY asked us to do a Human League cover which of course we went and did. So because we were playing in Sheffield we decided to do our version of 'Love Action'. This was to a very young and very trendy crowd, afterwards a girl said to me "I've heard that song before, I didn't realise you did it" - I didn't correct her!, although I did ask "are you a waitress in a cocktail bar" she replied "No I'm a beauty therapist" - I felt very old.

Anyway this is a version of the track with just the backing vocals, we have decided to redo the vocals in our next recording session.

Have a listen here

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