Monday, 21 April 2008


1980 - The Spinners
1982 - Duran Duran
1983 - Depeche Mode
1983 - Kajagoogoo
1984 - Depeche Mode
1986 - Erasure
1986 - OMD
1986 - Depeche Mode
1987 - Human League
1988 - Erasure
1988 - Depeche Mode
1988 - Bronski Beat
1990 - Kraftwerk
1990 - Nitzer Ebb
1990 - The Who
1990 - The Shamen
1990 - Depeche Mode
1991 - Caberet Voltaire
1992 - Madonna
1993 - Depeche Mode
1993 - Erasure
1993 - Kraftwerk
1996 - Erasure
1997 - The Lightning Seeds
1998 - Lighthouse Family ( I can't believe that!)
2001 - Depeche Mode
2001 - Goldfrapp
2003 - Pet Shop Boys
2003 - The Human League
2003 - Goldfrapp
2004 - Duran Duran
2004 - Erasure
2004 - Goldfrapp
2004 - Karl Bartos
2005 - Depeche Mode
2006 - The Prodigy
2006 - Client
2007 - Matinee Club
2007 - Marsheaux
2008 - I AM X
2008 - The Human League


P.S When Depeche Mode play, I generally see them on all of their UK dates


co-ordination said...

Interesting reading, so interesting that I couldn't sleep last night as my brain decided it was really important to come up with my list -

1985 Howard Jones (best bit - mad jan hammer guitar synth freak out)
1987 The Mission
1989 Front 242 (like seeing 3 Terminators on stage pointing at you)
1990 Nitzer Ebb (PA blew up after one song - Douglas McCarthy not a happy bunny).
1990 Depeche Mode
1990 Blur
1990 The Shamen (at The Anti Poll Tax Rave complete with Crusties!)
1991 Jesus Jones (x 2 @ Rock City)
1991 Kylie
1991 The Shamen
1991 Kraftwerk (@ Leicester Uni)
1992 U-U-Utah Saints!
1992? Depeche Mode & Sisters Of Mercy @ Crystal Palace
1994 The Fini Tribe (bar closed at midnight, they came on at 3am...)
1994 Orbital (always a great event even if they just fiddled with things)
1996 Orbital
1996 Pulp
1997 The Prodigy (@ GMEX a real mixed crowd - proper punks with mohicans , groovey club types and even normal people like me)
1998 Way Out West
1998? Depeche Mode
1999 Orbital
1999? Faithless
1999 Les Rhythms Digitales (he did a lot of star jumps on stage in a red jump suit for some reason).
1999 The Chemical Brothers
2000? Pet Shop Boys
2001 Orbital
2001 Garbage
2001 Kosheen
2002 Jesus Jones (stage was just about large enough to fit the band on this time, but still a great gig).
2003 Hybrid
2004 Hybrid
2004 Orbital
2006 Depeche Mode
2006 Covenant
2007 Nitzer Ebb (even better live now than ever!)
2007 Northern Kind (@ Connect Four)
2007 Underworld
2007 The Birthday Massacre (brilliant 80's esque synth-rock-goth-power-pop group).
2007 Mesh (I bought "We Collide" instead of "Playing The Angel" - controversial ;)
2008 May 15th Ladytron & Marsheaux
(should be a quality gig!)

Has this really taken an hour? Shouldn't I have eaten by now?...did I really pay £2 for two biros to some poor disabled chap at my front door in the middle of this?..

PS I like "Into The Blue." It sounds like a more electronic version of Dubstar thanks to Sarah's voice (only you have catchier melodies than Client).

Gary said...

I thought I would add my list

1980 - OMD (Organisation Tour)
1980 - Gary Numan - (Teletour)
1981 - OMD (Architecture & Morality Tour)
1981 - Ultravox (Rage In Eden Tour)
1981 - Toyah (Anthem Tour)
1981 - Kraftwerk (Computer World Tour)
1982 - Depeche Mode (A Broken Frame Tour)
1983 - OMD (Dazzle Ships Tour)
1983 - Gary Numan (Warriors Tour)
1989 - Erasure (Wild Tour)
1984 - OMD (Junk Culture Tour)
1991 - Jommy Sommerville (Dance & Desire Tour)
1991 - Pet Shop Boys
1991 - Kraftwerk (The Mix Tour)
1991 - OMD (Sugar Tax Tour)
1993 - OMD (Liberator Tour)
1996 - Pulp (Arena Tour)
1996 - Human league (Greatest Hits Tour)
1996 - Lightning Seeds

Best 3 would have to be

1980 OMD Organisation tour because every single person at the Manchester Apollo was dancing - the atmosphere was unbelievable

1980 Gary Numan Teletour - brillian concert, superb songs and stage set

1981/2 Kraftwerk at the Manchester Free Trade Hall, I was on the 3rd row and I was blown away with there stage set (The whole studio shipped over from Germany)


Gary said...

Forgot Howard Jones in 1985 (Dream Into Action Tour)

Northern Kind said...

I always wished I had seen Howard Jones.

A guy I know who had a studio in Leicester had seen the Computer World tour at De Montfort Hall. He said it had changed his life. Sold his guitars and bought synths and got into electronic music. He also said it was the best sounding concert he had ever heard, just like a really loud Hi-Fi.

I would have loved to have seen that, shame it's not on DVD

SarahNK said...

I am LOVING this craze of listing concerts! It's really interesting to see the musical history of our listeners. The concerts that we see in our life are so significant; There was a particular Wonderstuff concert that I went to (Bescott Stadium, 91) that I learned both my future best friend and future (ex) fiance attended, along with other key people I met later in life. Love the synchronicity...

wout said...

been racking my brain for the past few days to remember who I've seen. So in more or less chronological order...

The Who
Mano Negra
De La Soul
Jeff Healey Band
Lenny Kravitz
Ry Cooder
Sinead O’Connor
Midnight Oil
Bob Dylan
The Cure
Billy Joel
The Scene (Dutch band)
Dave Stewart
Happy Mondays (sorry Sarah!)
Bonnie Riatt
Iggy Pop
Paul Simon (3 times in one year in 3 countries)
Dire Straits
The Prodigy
Red Star Line (friends band)
Peter Green
BB King
Simple Minds
Beautiful South
Northern Kind
Necroluxe @ The Dev where I met noush & orac

Tad said...

i am not going to take the time to list all the concerts i have been to, but i will note a couple that changed my life:

Saint Etienne - Showbox Theater, Seattle, WA

--Sarah Cracknell is a goddess. I think i just stood there with my mouth wide open the entire time. they were so good. i heart them.

ABC - Phoenix Underground, Seattle, WA

--Martin Fry is amazing showman. He is stylish, suave, sexy, and full of soul. ABC is so underrated. their music is complex, diverse and a heck of a lot of fun.

Pet Shop Boys - Trafalgar Square, London, UK

--This was the debut performance of their soundtrack to the silent film 'battleship potemkin' and i was lucky enough to see this on my first trip to london. i had chills throughout the entire show it was so good. that was really a special moment in my life and i will never forget it.

bispatial said...

Shame on you Matt for not going to see Erasure in 2007. They kicked all kinds of arse!