Monday, 7 July 2008


A recording update for you:


We had a short, but sweet NK attic session on Saturday afternoon :-)
Finished some last little bits for 'Goodbye'  which is sounding fabulous - a real pop smasher.
This track is sounding very Northern Kind, but with influences of Annie Lennox / Erasure and even Coldplay.
Think you're gonna LOVE it.

We had our first proper bash at 'Where to from Here', this was the first time Matt had properly heard my ideas for this. This track for me, is dark and eerie, and I want the vocals to reflect the de-humanised vibe of the lyrics.  I'm very intrigued to see which direction this takes, v exciting!

I'm also working on a collaboration *TOP SECRET* - and spreading a bit of the ol' Heeley magic around. I'll tell you more soon.


Oh yeah - and 10/10 for Matt's curry cooking skills.  Nom nom nom.....


Sarah x

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SarahNK said...

I'm going mad - I meant Eurythmics (not Erasure) and it wasn't 'Where to from Here' it was 'Tranquil Eyes'. I think I've gone a bit hysterical through lack of sunshine. Roll on California, I need a holiday BAD!!
ttfn x

Northern Kind said...

But you were right with the Curry! - 1 out of 3 aint bad.

wout said...

what kind of curry was it?

Northern Kind said...

It's my take on the classic, Chicken Tarka, like a Tikka only a bit Otter - ha ha ha ha

Gary said...

As curry lovers you should do a cover of "Vindaloo"!!!!

Northern Kind said...

I may start posting some of my recipes here.

Maybe our next Podcast should involve myself and Sarah preparing something whilst answering questions.

Saturday Kitchen meets The Old Grey Whistle Test.

Actually that is a good idea. Watch this space.

SarahNK said...

BAGSY being red tomato.
Matt, you can be green pepper.

wout said...

wrong show Sarah! Might I be demonstrating too much knowledge about cookery programmes?

What are your food heaven and hells is the question you should be answering in your next podcast.