Monday, 1 December 2008


As a pre Christmas treat you can download Tears & Tinsel from our website, click here to download the album version here.


wout said...

All other artists should withdraw their Christmas singles!!

Gary said...

Excellent and well crafted song which is well worth downloading.

Matt I have posted a blog about this and the forthcoming album on my Myspace, hope that is ok mate.



Gary said...

Matt what has happened to Electrobelle? - not heard anything from them for quite a while now.


Northern Kind said...

Not sure what is happening with Electrobelle, it's all gone very quiet.

Sent Baz a few message but not had a reply, he owes me £50 for his Yazoo ticket from earlier this year so he's probably keeping a low profile!

Afront said...

Ooh what a treat - Xmas starts early, and in 320 kbps too!

Gary said...

Just checked there myspace page Matt and it says "Electrobelle were .....". He has obviously done a runner as he owes you money!

Northern Kind said...

Well it's a shame they aren't doing any music. The last time I spoke to Baz he was a bit cheesed off with UNDO records and how slow they were.

Basically they have been promising to do stuff with them since the start of the year but nothing ever materialised.

I know where he lives so I might have to send the heavies round ;-)

Myself and Sarah have spoken about doing versions of Mirrorball and Falling, maybe we should call it Electrobelle-esque. They are my favorites.

Gary said...

It certainly is a shame if they have packed it in as they produced a few good songs with "Mirrorball" the obvious standout. I read on EY they were involved with undo records and reading an article the other day on there they have messed them about regards some promo disks for the EY3 night saying they could n't provide them!

How did the night go by the way, I noticed you had a DJ spot!


stuart said...

Thanks for the track, you've missed out on 79p! I was going to see if it was on itunes this week.

I will buy the new album, Matt gave me the last one as a freebie after one of your gigs so I owe you one.