Thursday, 26 February 2009


Had a week of living with the mixes and apart from a few very minor tweaks I'm happy. Had problems getting click free final audio files from my software (Logic Pro 8) but finally managed to get clean versions this evening with a little help and advice from Gareth Jones.

Sarah is coming over tomorrow afternoon to hear the album in full from start to finish, actually this will probably be the first time for me too. Then a few celebratory drinks and food.

The artwork has been started the concept is great, we'll also be starting our very first video soon.



Gary said...
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Gary said...

Looking forward to the album Matt & Sarah, I bet you are glad that you have finally completed it.

How is Gareth doing by the way, I followed his Erasure blogs which were excellent and I know he has been ill, hopefully he is on the road to recovery.


Northern Kind said...

He had the all clear at the end of last year and is back working.

He met up with Depeche and the production team for SOTU last night for a meal in London, very jealous of that meeting.

Gary said...

Nice to hear he has fully recovered and back working, seems a real nice guy.