Thursday, 16 July 2009


Over the past few days we have been adding content to our new website. It's a much simpler site built with an OpenSource CMS called Indexhibit. We have incorporated this blog feed along with the online store, so hopefully it ties all our various sites together.

Have a look here

Obviously if you are viewing this within the new site you've already seen it :-)



Gary said...

New web site layout is much better and I love the color scheme Matt.

Are you getting ready for the forthcoming tour? Do you intend to record any of the shows at all??


Afront said...

Looks good, a couple of suggestions: try a slightly bigger font size, as with the pixelated background it could be hard to read large paragraphs of text.

Also I'm not fond of using strikethrough for links - maybe make the white block turn black or something instead?

Just personal opinions though!

Afront said...

That's much better! One more thing: I didn't notice the set of buttons bottom-left before, but I saw something peeking out so maxed my browser to see what it was. Maybe move the buttons to the very top? Or shrink the audioplayer song list (e.g. put it in an iframe).

Gary said...

Just noticed in your links section you have out in a link for my myspace page - thanks very much for that.