Monday, 18 April 2011


It's the middle of April and time for an update, will try and keep these more regular.

2010 was pretty quiet apart from a few live dates, Infest at the end of August and our support slot with Alan Wilder's a Strange Hour in Berlin, which saw him take his Recoil project on the road. Both were very special but the highlight was supporting Recoil / Gary Numan and getting to meet Karl Bartos who came to see the show.

In terms of music we dabbled with a few tracks but with new career ventures music unfortunately took a back seat. With routines settling down we're now cracking on with the third album. We'll be releasing a single very soon via iTunes and Spotify, the cost to produce CD singles is too prohibitive but we'll be sending out 100 numbered promo copies to our most loyal fans to help us spread the word.


Michael Oglesby said...

Great news on the new album, looking forward to it. Hopefully, with the new album launch, there will be a tour :)

Is there anything you can tell us about the new album? Is it going to be more synthpop/new wave, or has Northern Kind gone a new direction?

Any chance on some teaser sound samples?

stahlnetz said...

I downloaded your demos for the 3:rd album a while ago, from the forum page, and i'm stunned. It sounds so good! Can't you do as many other artists: release your new album as a double with demos and outtakes on CD 2?
I often find "raw" demos more "organic" and joyable. But it's perhaps only i?

I'd love to obtain one of the physical promo copies. I promise to try to bring you over to Sweden for a performance if it's OK?

Northern Kind said...

It's a lot more pop sounding than WIRED.

This is a demo for Euphonic which will be one of the songs on the Promo CD, you might have heard this before?

Sounds a little different now.

mOOger! said...

Sounds great Matt

Look forward to the promo CD!!


davefish said...

I've got some photographs from Infest on my website. Hope that you like them.