Sunday, 14 September 2008


Had a great time last night, brilliant crowd and very receptive to us.

I think the highlight was when I was chatting to Dr Robert after the gig, a pretty drunk girl came up to him and said "I came to see you but their set pissed all over yours" - he politely smiled and said "Thanks" - I just burst out laughing and gave her an album.

I thought he did really well, just a guitar and his voice but really entertaining, at one point Sarah said she was mesmerized by him, I guess that is what the "X-Factor" is.

Thanks to Wout for the photos.


SarahNK said...

Yeah - just to echo Matt's comments above, really enjoyed Dr Robert's set. He certainly has something unique about him and his new material is very thought provoking. Definitely worth a listen and it was a privilege to support him. Thanks to the audience also, who made us feel very welcome. Hope to see the Donkey again soon. (er, that was the name of the venue by the way)

Now then, enough of these high profile, impromptu gigs... We've got an album to finish, videos to make, podcasts to records etc. etc.

Northern Kind said...

Quite right, lots to do.

wout said...

sorry about the blurry pictures... will get a better lens for next time!

Gary said...

Great to hear you went down really well at the gig and you had a cracking night.