Wednesday, 3 September 2008


...kind of summed up Retrofest - although I have to say that, despite the shocking organisation ('What's a bloody bar token?', 'where the hell do we park???', 'Do I really have to push the buggy on a main road?') and having to compete with Boney M during our set, I had a really good time :-)!!

It was funny hearing 'Ra Ra Rasputin', between our songs.
The atmosphere was good, Bjorn Again ROCKED and I loved our groovy, solar-panelled, purple stage.  The feeling of singing al-fresco, through the dry-ice into the darkness, was brilliant and suited our moody-electro vibe.  I now completely have the festival bug - Glastonbury here we come!
Thanks to everyone who braved the rain to watch us.
Sarah x

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1 comment:

Gary said...

As long as you enjoyed the experienced, thats what it is all about.