Wednesday, 28 January 2009


We have been commissioned to write something "electronic and poppy" for a commercial advertising Urban Decay the cosmetics company.

Maybe this is a new direction for us, after all Mr Vince Clarke wrote the music a Smarties TV commercial back in the 80's

Finished CRASH these are Sarah's comments "LOVVA LOVVA the track though :-) Wonderful, sounds very slick and I love that Abba harmony on the verse." Nothing about all the extra bits I added!



stuart said...

next it will be kid's tv show themes...

Northern Kind said...

What a brilliant find, I knew that existed but that is the first time I've heard that.

Another forgotten album I'd really like to get is Truth Dare Double Dare by Bronski Beat. Not on iTunes and people on Amazon are selling it for £55!

Anyone got it?

Afront said...

The start of Data Run plays havoc with my tinnitus - ouch.

I think I have that Bronski Beat album somewhere - I defo had it on cassette, can't remember whether I ripped it to mp3 or not.

SarahNK said...

Soz Matt for not mentioning your AMAZING extra bits in Crash. That synthline really is something else. OOPS! Just remembered, I wrote that too......

OMG just had a right flashback with that Smarties ad. But what the'eck was Datarun?

Looking forward to recording tomorrow :-) I've been for a beautiful four hour walk in the country today, so I'm all envigorated!