Monday, 12 January 2009


This Friday (16th Jan) we will be interviewed live on BBC Radio Leicester by Chris Baxter, we should be on just after 3.00pm

You can listen live via the BBC website at this address.

We will be talking to Chris in general about Northern Kind and our new album.



Ian said...

Oh no, it wont work.
No Real Player installed on my work PC.
Is it on BBC iPlayer?

wout said...

whaaa! no "listen again" functionality for Chris Baxter!

How did it go?

Northern Kind said...

Yes it went well... will be getting a audio transcript so we'll upload that here.

Our new songs hadn't been vetted for explicit content so we were only able to play stuff from 53 Degrees North.

SarahNK said...


Have you turned into Charlie Brown?

Thanks for the offer of the keyboard by the way. I'm all sorted now thanks x

wout said...

I am reading the Charles Schulz biography at the moment!

SarahNK said...