Sunday, 30 March 2008


After the I AM X gig my hearing was shot so I've a had a rest this weekend. I'm also feeling pretty uninspired at the minute so I need to get back into the "zone".

The EY VOL 1 Launch party has been announced, can't wait, we haven't played live for a while. I'm going to revamp the older tracks and beef them up a little.

Big report on the tracks so far very soon.



Gary said...

Hi Matt

Looking forward to the new stuff, out of interest what are your 3 favourite VSTi?


Northern Kind said...

Hi Gary,

Last album was the predominantly the ES1 & ES2 that are part of Logic and ImpOscar from G MEDIA

This one is

Arturia CS80v
Arturia 2600v
Arturia Jupiter-8v

Drum Percussion sounds are coming from the ES1 & Arturia Minimoog v

All part of the V Collection from them, really good value.

Personally I'm waiting for a Pro-One virtual synth to come out, check this out.

Listen to the Don't Go track, all produced from the original patch sheets posted by VC in a synth magazine early 80's.

I did have a Pro-One but it wasn't fully working and I could never afford to get it fixed, I think I gave it away (prat!)


mOOger! said...

I know what you mean Matt - my ears were ringing for a day after that gig!

Looking forward to the update..

Gary said...

Hi Matt that is interesting. I do usthe Arturia 2600 and have used the Arturis CS80 although not a great deal. I do like the Gmedia Imposcar which has some really good analoge sounds.I use the Vanguard VSTi which is brilliant and probably my favourite. Most of my Kraftwerk covers album was done with that.

Nice to see you have used some Vince Clarke samples to, shall be giving that track a good listen to that is for sure.

By the way listened to Electrobelle's new track "Rose" which is very good.