Thursday, 27 March 2008

I AM X = E

Seriously I have never enjoyed a gig so much. I'm never one for
joining in at the front, I'm much more the type to stand at the back
tapping my foot.

But they had so much energy on stage, no wonder they are so thin. What
I particuarly love about them is the way they adapt their songs for
live, stripped down to the bare basics of kick, snare and bass. The
drum kit was simply kick, snare and cymbals.

I'm feeling quite inspired yet again by I AM X


mOOger! said...

I agree Matt - it was a great gig. I was expecting more people there though (room was full of goths!). I was stood back too - looked a little mad at the front.

Did you catch Deviant UK - they were like Prodigy meets Gary Numan!

Shame we never met. I think I did spot you but wasn't sure.

SarahNK said...

- Yeah, a good time had by all! Masses of energy on stage, I thought they were dark, exciting, inspiring and unique. I loved the circus-meets-rocky horror show styling. I was a bit frustrated because I wanted to hear the lyrics more clearly - but then I'll have a proper listen to the tracks at home, for closer inspection.

Inspiring stuff x