Wednesday, 19 March 2008


Well, I have finally recovered from the game of cock or ball that Matt subjected me to last weekend, in between recording our new tracks.  So I thought I'd make a quick blog-stop.
The new tunes are really exciting - I'm very intrigued to hear how they sit together as they all feel very individual at the moment.  We're nearly there for album number 2!!  Bonza!
Just read Matt's notes about his aspirations for NK and wanted to give my take on it too.
NK facilitates singing, writing and performing for me - my very own holy trinity!  The stuff that I can't live without!!  Even though I didn't start out a die-hard electro fan, electro music actually provides a perfect backdrop for my vocal style and lyrics.  So while ever Matt's up for it, I'll just keep doing what I do with NK and keep on loving it.
Three albums would be the minimum I'd want us to produce - and that I feel would leave a sufficient footprint on the music world.  I would LOVE for this to be my sole occupation! 
I would also love to:
  • Perform our songs in the major dance clubs in Ibiza
  • Do a northern kind unplugged tour of our songs, with just me and an acoustic guitar accompaniment ;-)  (this works - I've already tried it with Tara Simms, the greatest guitarist on planet earth!!)
  • Sing guest vocals with The Editors, Hot Chip, The Happy Mondays and all my other favourite bands
  • Hear the Arctic Monkeys cover Dirty Youth
  • Write tracks for other amazing artists
  • Have Vivienne Westwood design my stage outfits
So that's my starter for ten.
I'm looking forward to I am X next week - not really heard a lot of their stuff, so should be good.  I'll check in again soon.
Laters taters x

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Gary said...

ey Sarah you don't want much do you!! Seriously though it is good to see the progress you are making with this album. To do 2 albums in a year takes some doing these days. I remember when artists released albums every year!! They were the days. I'm looking forward to how the new stuff sounds. keep at it!

I won't even ask what cock & ball was about!


SarahNK said...

Thanks Gary - yes, I don't wish to re-live the experience...

Enjoy Easter - don't overdo the choccy eggs!

Sarah x