Sunday, 4 May 2008


Well, I've had a hectic bank holiday so far - and I'm now limbering up for some hot, dirty, electro attic-action at Matt's house tomorrow.  Nothing untoward - just a nice bit of recording to keep us going!  Going to have a bash at Tranquil Eyes and Where to from Here, very exciting!!  I'm really looking forward to hearing the progress of Goodbye - and the mega mix for our live show on Friday.
Will report back soon.
I still like the name BAD ADDICT for our forthcoming album - what does anyone think?
BTW - I've uploaded all our lyrics to my myspace page (sarahheeleyuk) if you fancy a read.  I know that some of you are into that sort of thing ;-)
Trying to encourage Matt to step out of his geek comfort zone and write us some lyrics....i just know there's a budding Morrissey in there somewhere.
I haven't really heard much from Matt, since his jolly to the German sausage factory (!) 

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co-ordination said...

"Bad Addict"? Sounds a bit 80's hair-rock to me. I got Bon Jovi's "Bad Medicine" blast into my head as I read it, and now have the urge to watch the video on You Tube!
You did ask for opinions, sorry!

Then again, the name "Violator" for one of Depeche Mode's albums was chosen as it sounded like a 80's heavy metal album (so I've heard), so what do I know??!

SarahNK said...

Well yes, I take your point! Although I am a bit of a closet Bon-Jovi fan (Tara's fault), so maybe it was a subconscious thing. YOUR LOVE IS LIKE BAD MEDICINE, BAD MEDICINE IS WHAT I NEED, WO-HO-HO...!!!