Sunday, 25 May 2008


Right that's quite enough reference to Eurovision....did anyone actually watch that?  I think NK should represent Britain next year.
Much more important events yesterday - the recording of another new track for album number2, called 'Where to from Here'.  I've just been chatting to the fabulous Mr Blue over on my myspace page - as follows:
I'm soooo excited about the new NK material - it's real quality, progressive pop music. I'm having a lot of fun with the vocals, and encouraging Matt to contribute some lyrics of his own too which is interesting.
I'd say Dirty Youth and Into the Blue are pretty good indicators of what's to come. I would say that our second album is less 'of it's type' (pure electro-pop) and has moved more towards a Madonna / Goldfrapp-y kind of vibe.
The NK style hasn't been diluted in any way though...we're almost a year on from 53 degrees North and have really put our stamp on to the latest material.

About physical copies of Xerotic - there have been some hold-ups in the production line. I agree, you can't beat a 'real' cd and we will do our best to get these out there asap. Thanks for bearing with us.
So I'm off out into the rain now, to inspect my mum's new chickens.  Tadar tweacle x

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Northern Kind said...

I think we should take the lead from Italy, get zero points and then never bother competing again.

I only watch it to hear Terry Wogan getting drunk.


wout said...

completely missed it - and on French television it was co-hosted by that bad boy of Eurotrash JP Gaultier