Friday, 16 May 2008


of Yazoo on Jonathon Ross... erm

It's typical of synth music really, I thought it sounded pretty weak. Compared to The Tings Tings last week who did sound great I think they could have made more of the live sound. It really just sounded to me like a live feed from Vince's set-up and Alison going through effects with some audience noise thrown over the top. Obviously the Reel 2 Reel was just for show.

The mix and version of Don't Go was pretty faithful, I just really want to hear it LOUD man.

Still, I will wack it up as video online tomorrow at some point.



Anonymous said...

I too was a bit disappointed. Had the key been lowered? Alison almost seemed to be struggling to get those high notes and it seemed a bit rushed, like she was also struggling to fit in all the words! She was also oddly still, if the volume had been down I would have thought she was singing Winter Kills. Let's hope it was first Yazoo TV appearance nerves eh?

Gary said...

Vince has become somewhat lazy where "Live sound" is concerned with Erasure and I suspect for the up and coming Yazoo shows. He use to re-work the sounds of the songs and re-work arrangements so they sounded fresh and different live.

I thought on Jonathan Ross last night "Don't Go" lacked punch.

Come on Vince go back to what you do best and mess about with your music and change for live shows.


Melnyk said...

I'm as perplexed as to the point of having a rack of keyboards on stage that are clearly not being used, as to the purpose of the Yazoo revival at all. Not a fan of the reunion concert tour I'm afraid ...

Tad said...

alison moyet posted the following on her website forum. i thought some of you might be interested in reading it:

"Few things...for me TV's are very very different from live shows. Not a great and helpful fact but it is one. Cameras separate you from the audience. I was panicked by the memory of forgetting the third verse on Breakfast time. The fact that i didn't have in-ear monitors and there was more sound coming back from the front than there was onstage made timing difficult to lock in to.
Some people said i looked cold...yes..but that was an old theme too. There was never much smiling and winking coming from an 80's Alf.
Not much movement, error was in not taking a hand held mike and a swift cognac. That and recent habits.
Key down might be an issue for some...its a case of not wanting to blow the tour and risk any dates by singing hard at top end with a voice box 26 years older...maybe i will reconsider that. I can do it..but the voice has dropped...nice on winter Kills
Wasn't deliberately trying to change anything but perhaps Nic there was too much ennunciation. Its something to consider.
As for it being exactly the same..all I would say is even if you listened to the live stuff on first outing ' was not the same as the record...want the record, best play it instead...LOL.
Besides all the disclaimers...i didn't think it was bad at all...just maybe not great or what it will be....and that it seems is on my shoulders....shall i mime?
Best revelation this week is that I really like Vince very much. We have been having a great time and some of these songs are sounding really amazing.
Nervous before?...worse now..Hoorah!!!

ps...if some of the questions were not raised in this thread...I am responding to questions on Vincents forums for Visiting Erasure fans too. xx"