Monday, 5 May 2008


First off, Zurich is in Switzerland not Germany so no sausage to be had, I did have a nice bit of schwienerschnitzel though. Considering Switzerland is the home of classical graphic design I was quite surprised by the lack of noticeable national identity.

Anyway I have been rather busy working on the mixes for the EY gig next Friday, we had a quick rehearsal today and everything sounded OK'ish. It was rather hot in the studio, loft, attic... OK dimly lit, poor ventilated, inadequately insulated hell hole.

I'm not a fan of the name BAD ADDICT either, regardless of the rock connotation it just doesn't roll of the tongue. I chose the last name so the title for the next album is Sarah's choice, as long as I like it :-)

OK so I'm off back to the attic to get cracking with the knacking.



Gary said...

Best wishes Matt & Sarah for the EY Gig I'm sure it will be a great night.


SarahNK said...

Thanks Gary - for all your support xx