Wednesday, 4 June 2008


Right so, our first Podcast has been recorded. We managed to waffle on for an hour and that's without the music so it's gonna take some editing. I will have it online for the weekend though and hopefully condense it down to maybe 30 minutes.

We answered questions from Jens in Germany, Robby in Brussels, Gary in Manchester, Michael in Sweden & Rob in Glasgow.

We will playing a pre NK track that myself and Sarah did when Sarah was in Minithin, the first versions of "Into the blue" & "Dirty Youth" plus a couple of snippets from "Where to from here" and "Goodbye" new tracks from our forthcoming album.



Gary said...

Look forward to the podcast Matt & Sarah.

SarahNK said...

Thanks Gary - and cheers for your questions. It was a right laugh recording the podcast! I hope you enjoy the results. ttfn x