Sunday, 8 June 2008


OK, Just completed editing out first podcast.

General answering of questions and additional chit chat, plus a several tracks.

Track 1 - MINITHIN - Between Love & Hate
Track 2 - NORTHERN KIND - Original idea for Dirty Youth
Track 3 - NORTHERN KIND - Original idea for Into the blue
Track 4 - NORTHERN KIND - Snippet of Goodbye
Track 5 - NORTHERN KIND - Snippet of Where to from here

Hope you enjoy it.

Oh and the link is here

I'm off on holiday now for a week, over to Sarah...



wout said...

enjoy your holiday!

Gary said...

Really enjoyed the podcast Matt & Sarah, very laid back and some interesting talking points. You both come across as genuinely nice people.

Thanks for including my questions it was appreciated.

I definitely think it is something you should do again .... you are both naturals behind the mic!

The snippets of the new songs sound very promising and bode really well for the new album.

Well done on your first podcast!

Best wishes


PS Sarah you come across as a bit bonkers, in a lovely sort of way though!

Gary said...

Matt/Sarah I have posted a blog on my myspace page about the podcast and provided a link to the podcast. I hope that is ok with you.


wout said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
wout said...

had to delete my previous comment - thought it looked all right but reading it again had second thoughts

Sarah is more than a bit bonkers, but she's lovely! After a hesitant beginning, it really clicked. I would've liked more, but this leaves us waiting for more.

Please more regular than "ish"


Ps currently listing the Harborough FM session.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this! I love it! :)

SarahNK said...

hee hee ;-) thanks for listening everyone - seems to be a hit, so we'll deffo do another one soon!
Love Sarah x

Paul said...

I loved the podcast, I thought it was a brilliant idea. It answered a load of questions that I wanted answers to. I loved the snippets of the 2 new songs and I can't wait to hear the album!! You're going to be massive (and rightly so)

I didn't think Sarah was bonkers at all - what does that say about me? I agree- do the podcasts far more frequently please!!!

Afront said...

Enjoyed the podcast, very informative and the exclusive tracks were a treat!

All it needed was an NK jingle at the start.. ;)

Anonymous said...

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