Friday, 27 June 2008


Matt wants us to cover 'a certain Softcell track' for our upcoming gig at Bedsitland.


Having listened to the track, I can only surmise that this is because his chosen track can be easily played with one finger.

I think if we are going to go down the rocky-road of cover versions, we should look to cover tracks that stretch us and stimulate us on a personal and artistic level.


Sarah x


Northern Kind said...

Yes I will be using my middle finger!!!

So much for the surprise.


Gary said...

"Bedsitter" is my fave track of Soft Cell's over "Tainted Love" any day. The 12 inch version is superb.

I would definitely have a crack at that one if you are serious of course!

I can never tell with you two!!

Have a good weekend.


Computer Love said...

cover versions, in general, are a tricky game in my opinion. personally, i dislike most covers that i hear. then again, i think duran duran's terrible cover album 'thank you' pretty much ruined the concept of covers for me. Simon LeBon rapping 911 is a Joke? it's just laughable! i much prefer the approach Marsheaux have to covering songs. their versions tend to be fairly true to the original with just a touch of their style added into the mix. i like that.

Gary said...

I'm with you on that Computer Love regards Marsheaux their covers of "Pure" and "Regret" are excellent.