Friday, 15 February 2008

I had a dream

I had two memorable dreams last night, this first was about having my laptop stolen. The second was about having surgery, I woke up at that point with a really painful wrist. I have no idea what caused this pain but I'm in agony. Please no sarcastic comments - it's my left wrist not right!

Anyway I decided to back-up my laptop today and of course I will be doing my weekly back-ups of all the music files later this evening. That got me thinking about the what would happen if I lost everything, basically we'd be screwed. So I will also doing offsite copies of everything now with a spare drive.

Hopefully Dirty Youth will be in the bag by Sunday evening.

1 comment:

jsd said...

backups are key! i just found an unused remix yesterday that i thought would be good for my new singer, but apparently all the source files have gone missing. arrgghhh!

you probably slept on your arm in a weird position. either that or too many videogames, that's what always does my wrist in.