Thursday, 21 February 2008

Move over

Goldfrapp your time is up.

Must say I'm very disappointed with the new Goldfrapp album, fortunately they posted the songs onto myspace so I can save myself some money by not buying it.

There was a noticeable evolution between their last three albums and I must admit I was really looking forward to the new one. I could honestly say I probably looked forward to new Goldfrapp albums more than the last few Depeche Mode releases.

I was really hoping that they would continue with innovating electronic music but alas they have decided on a lo-fi/folk/guitar/acoustic type affair.

This is somewhat of an assumption but I'm guessing the delays surrounding this release came about as they were struggling to find a way forward with their sound, and rather than churning out Supernature mark II they decided to radically change their sound. I admire them for wanting to change and the songs are still great, but I'm sorry it's just not my cup of tea.

As a teenager I had an odd rule about buying music, if it had guitars in it, I wouldn't buy it. I think I'm invoking this rule again.



Afront said...

Yikes ,I see what you mean Matt - Goldfrapp turns into Mudflaps. Think I'll wait for the remix album...

co-ordination said...

Yep, will probably only download the single "A & E" and leave it that. Shame about them ditching most of their raunchy electro sounds. "Black Cherry" was a fantastic surprise when I first heard it.
Guitars? They are fine in short doses (& plastered in effects!)