Tuesday, 5 February 2008

(Sarah) New tunes

Yes, Yes, I like your dress
You look a mess
I like it.

- these are just some of the ground-breaking lyrics we are currently working with ;-)
But seriously, it really works and I'm sooooooo excited by the new tracks. Matt and I are really in the swing of things now and I enjoyed our session last weekend a lot. Even if the studio was a bit parky and I had to get the hang of singing with a minimum of 7 jumpers on. Ah well - I like to think it all adds 'character' to the music.

And as for the bed-spread, that pic was of course taken at my granny's house. I have made it a priority to re-shoot the image in the dark, glam electro-style surroundings of my own place.

Tatar for now x

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Northern Kind said...

The reason this album will be full of lots of fast arpeggiated notes is not out of choice but the fact my hands shiver so much I can't help it. Brrrrr