Friday, 22 February 2008


is great.

Yes I had the SpecDrum & the C64


Silverbot said...

The C64 was a good machine but did you have a Yamaha CX5 Music Computer? Just another thing, i was looking at some of your old posts and had a listen to the track "Please". Why did you not put this on the album? its very good, are you going to release it? keep up the good work!!!! all the best, Steve

Northern Kind said...

Never had a CX5, I remember them being pretty expensive. The 80's was awash with different platforms. I think that was from the MSX range???, I remember Sony & Toshiba also having machines. Until the Atari came along i had been using a Roland PR-100 sequencer.

Silverbot said...

Just thought......You said you liked the C64....well look at this i think you will want one of these!!! :-)

Northern Kind said...

WOW - Never heard of that, can't believe it's discontinued, I guess getting the chips is the problem. Genuinely would have purchased one of those.

Found a sample CD of the sidstation on ebay but I guess it's not really the same.

Gary said...

I used an Atari St computer, infact I still have it, and some sequencer software called Gajits Breakthru sequencer which was fantastic I had it hooked up to my Korg M1 and Yamaha RY10 Drum Machine. It worked brilliantly and never crashed!!